Restless & Roving is a travel and lifestyle blog for those who can't sit still or stay put, for those who always long to be elsewhere and wish to be everywhere.  Our curated content is designed to inspire fellow wanderers to seek out their own adventures, whether that means a year long trek around the world, a fortnight in a foreign city, or a day trip to the next town over. 


This is Anna. She likes baby cacti, dumplings, & taking long naps. She does not like birds or the feeling of sand in between her fingers. Anna grew up in a military family & moved around the world every two years or less. This nomadic lifestyle instilled within her the need to experience the unfamiliar. Anna is currently on an indefinite trip around the world with Shane. See more about that here.  

This is Sam. He likes vinyasa yoga, classic rock, and peanut butter & banana sandwiches. He doesn't like the sound of snow crunching under his boots or Nicolas Cage. In his free time, Sam enjoys cooking, exercise, and watching St. Louis Cardinals baseball. He is currently working as a financial analyst in San Francisco. When he isn't buried between spreadsheets at work, you can find him on the lacrosse field coaching middle school lacrosse.


This is Shane. He likes tiki drinks, swimming holes, and going to the movies by himself. He does not like confrontation or crowded subway trains. If he were a residence, he would be an East London apartment filled with affordable, mid-century modern furniture, but he would secretly yearn to be a rustic, creek-side Vermont cabin.  Shane is currently on an indefinite trip around the world with Anna. See more about that here.  


This is Tegan. She likes pisco sours, sunshine and dancing to old-school hip-hop. She doesn't like EDM music or mediocre fish tacos. Tegan has an insatiable curiosity for travel. She was raised in London but after living in both Cape Town and Brazil she is always trying to find her way back to the beach. Tegan recently moved to San Francisco where she works for a digital marketing agency.