Photo Essay: The State Fair of Texas / by Shane Henderson


Last weekend I drove up to Dallas to experience what is often referred to as one of the best state fairs in the country, The State Fair of Texas. In addition to the traditional rides and games, and a creepy, 55-foot tall animatronic cowboy named Big Tex, the state fair of Texas has one of the craziest selections of unhealthy food ever gathered in one place. Fried butter? Check! Fried bubblegum? Yup! Wings, ribs, pulled pork, ground beef, sausage, and cheese, all rolled in bacon, then wrapped in biscuit dough and deep fried?? You betcha! (That last one is called a Fried Tailgate Party and it is in the shape of a football. Unsurprisingly, it was not good.) My friends and I spent the day desperately attempting to win oversized stuffed animals, eating as many heart-attack inducing foods as we could get our hands on, and enjoying the rides while doing our best to avoid pulling-a-Sandlot and vomiting all over a small child's head. Despite spending an absurd amount of money, and regretting all of our life decisions later that night as our bodies slowly self-destructed, I would say the day was an overwhelming success! Hope to see you next year, Big Tex.

big tex.jpg