A Snowy Day in Santa Fe / by Shane Henderson

We continued on our Southwest road trip with a stop off in a very snowy Santa Fe. Although it was pretty chilly to be walking around, the falling snow made the city that much more beautiful, and it was great to have the streets to ourselves. We stayed with our family friend Julia, who is a professional tour guide and a terrific host. We strolled downtown, explored the empty galleries, and ate some great Mexican food.

Most Colorful And Calorific Breakfast

Julia brought us to a local institution, Tia Sophias, for an incredible breakfast burrito smothered in green and red chile sauce. The burrito was gigantic; stuffed full of potatoes, eggs, bacon, and cheese. It tasted as good as it looked. 

Most Ridiculous Margarita Selection

We stopped off at another Santa Fe institution for the most absurd selection of margaritas I have ever seen. There was an eight page menu entirely dedicated to the beverage. It was amazing. If margaritas are your thing, this is the place to be. The food was pretty solid as well.

Best Spot For A Mud Bath

Just an hour north of Santa Fe there is a well known natural hot springs resort and spa called Ojo Caliente. It has a surprisingly affordable weekly entrance fee of $20 per person, which allows entry into the various  pools and hot springs, the mud bath, and the sauna and steam room. The different pools are all different temperatures so there is something for those who like to scald their skin off (like Anna), and something for the wusses in the group (like me). Nice spot to spend a relaxing afternoon.