The Trip To End All Trips / by Anna Terry


With the New Year comes some BIG, BIG news! For the past year Shane and I have been saving and planning for a trip. But not just any trip.. a big trip... a huge trip... the trip to end all trips… an epic, 1-2 year trip around the world!

As you already know from following this blog, both of us absolutely love to travel. Our wish list of places to go, sights to see, activities to do, and meals to eat is always growing. And although we travel as frequently as we can, you can only do so much in a week off from work. To really hit everything on our list, we need more time... a lot more time. So, a little over a year ago we started making plans to follow in the footsteps of countless other restless millennials and quit our jobs to travel the world. We want to experience everything the world has to offer and get out of our comfort zone... what better way to do that than by selling most of our possessions and living out of a carry-on while we traverse the globe. We set a goal departure date of Summer 2017 and are happy to say that we are on track to leave in September!   

To make the most of our savings and our experiences we have decided to take a slow-travel approach and spend at least a month in each country we visit. We have a preliminary plan of our first year, but will stay flexible as we go and will most likely be adding more stops along the way. 

2017-2018 Travel Schedule

September: Hawaii

October: Japan

November: Japan

December: China

January: Thailand

February: Cambodia 

March: Vietnam

April: Italy

May: Italy

June: France

July: France

August: England

September: Norway / Sweden

October-?????: TBD (Are we flat broke yet?) 

In the coming months leading up to our departure, both Shane and I are each going to present several blog posts with tips on how we planned it all out, how we saved, and what we packed; as well as what we hope to get out of this life changing experience. 

Stay tuned, more adventure to come....