The R&R Guide to Copenhagen / by Tegan Henderson



1.     Louisiana Art Museum

If you only have time to do one thing in Copenhagen, go to the Louisiana Art Museum! Located on the outskirts of town, just a short train ride away from Central Station, this museum has an incredible contemporary collection and a beautiful indoor/outdoor layout. On a warm day its great to roam the outdoor gardens while looking at, and sometimes climbing on, the art. The gift shop is also pretty great, with a well curated selection of clothing, art, and small gifts. Go early in the morning to beat the crowds!

2.    Torverhallerne

Also known as the glass market, this huge indoor marketplace has over 80 vendors selling everything from exotic spices, to fresh fruit, to delicious burgers. You can get a little bit of everything here but our recommendations would be Coffee Collective for a morning pick me up, Grod for the best bowl of oatmeal you have ever had, and Paleo for an uber-healthy and fresh lunch. 


3.     Christiania

Christiania is an autonomous "free town" within the confines of Copenhagen, basically a delightful hippie commune. Come here for all of your "medicinal" needs. During the summer they have concerts and festivals, but year-round its a cool place to explore! Word of warning: no pictures are allowed so be sure to keep that camera in your bag.

4.     Tivoli Gardens

A famous and historic amusement park and gardens in central Copenhagen that is well worth the price of admission. The gardens and landscaping are beautiful, especially if you go in the evening when hundreds of thousands of fairy lights are turned on making it feel like a mystical wonderland.  Most of the rides are nostalgic and charming, think small wooden roller coasters and ornate merry-go-rounds, but they do have some newer thrill rides as well. 

5.     Rent a bike

Biking is hands down the best way to see the city! Everyone in Copenhagen uses a bike as their mode of transportation, so both cars and pedestrians are super respectful of cyclists. You can rent bikes for a very reasonable price, and most of the major sights are within easy biking distance.

6.     Nyhavn

A historic, waterfront and canal district with colorful town houses that you see featured in every Copenhagen Instagram. We highly recommend taking a canal tour on a sunny day, it is a delightful way to see the city from a different perspective. 

7.     Walking street in Norrebro – Jaeggersbrogade

Super adorable street with great clothing boutiques. Lookout for an outpost of Grod, our favorite oatmeal spot, or be sure to stop in one of the many cafés for coffee and donuts.

8.     Botanisk Have (Botanical Gardens)

Stunning indoor/outdoor gardens perfect for spending a few hours strolling around on a beautiful day. There are 27 beautiful, old glass greenhouses that contain over 13,000 species of plant in total!!




1.     Mad and Kaffe

An affordable and laid back café known for it's Insta-worthy brunch plates where you have the option of 3,5, or 7 a la carte dishes. The service is great, the atmosphere is cozy, and its always full of incredibly stylish and beautiful Danish couples! Be sure to come ready to wait though- they don't take reservations and it's always crowded.

2.     Coffee Collective

The only spot in Denmark with a roastery on site, Coffee Collective is one of the most popular coffee shops in town. They have multiple locations which are all good for a pick me up during a busy, activity-filled day.

3.    Grod

Grod is essentially a quirky oatmeal cafe, with oatmeal delicious enough to convert any non-oatmeal lover. They have a variety of different options and flavor pairings that all flow together well. Easily the best oatmeal I have ever had! The space is tiny with just a couple picnic tables outside so might be better for an on the go breakfast.

4.     Atelier September

This is a beautifully designed little vegetarian place. The contemporary interior is gorgeous, and the plating of the food is impeccable. I recommend grabbing an avocado toast, a strong coffee, and sitting at the window to people watch. 

5.     Perch’s

A charming tea room that offers traditional tea service with dainty sandwiches and scones, Danish cheese boards, and a wide selection of tea. Make a reservation for either the morning or afternoon tea seating, and feel like Danish royalty for an hour or two.


1.     Café Norden

We stumbled upon this place while waiting to meet up with a friend, and didn't have high hopes, but the tasty caesar salad, great views of downtown Copenhagen, and divine dessert case ended up winning our hearts.

2.     Café Paludan

This is a cozy café near the botanical gardens that serves healthy fare for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The goat cheese salad, tomato soup, and goat cheese burger, were all amazing (yes we love goat cheese). 

3.     Café Flottenheimer

Café Flottenheimer, located near some of Copenhagens best shopping areas, is the perfect place to take a break from your shopping spree and catch your breath. The decor is super cute and the food is delicious but the service is pretty slow, so don't count on them for a quick bite!

4.     Joe and the Juice

A popular smoothie and sandwich chain that got it's start in Copenhagen. The smoothies are tasty but the real reason to visit is their incredibly handsome male staff :)


1.     Biomio

Biomio, the largest organic restaurant in Denmark, serves inventive, healthy dishes in smaller portions (which is always a refreshing change from the gut-busting portions in the US). Try the polenta, it was heavenly.

2.     Mother

A lively, crowded pizza joint with lots of outdoor seating. The pizza is incredible but the service is slow so be sure to go with a group of good friends and drink a lot of wine while you wait!

3.     Fiskebaren

Another hip spot in the meatpacking district with some amazing seafood and great cocktails. Its an open space and a fun atmosphere with a young, trendy crowd. I would definitely recommend making a reservation.    

4.     Copenhagen Street Food

A large, street food market with too many funky food options to count. Grab the dish of your choice and sit out on the pier to watch the sunset over the water. They also frequently have live music and performances here so check the calendar on their website to see if you can catch one.

5.     Noma

Known as one of the best restaurants in the entire world, Noma is famous for its reinvention of Nordic cuisine. With two michelin stars and a consistent ranking as one of the worlds best places to dine, reservations for this place are obviously very difficult to come by. If you can get one though, you are in for a real treat.



1.     Manfreds

Technically a veggie-focused restaurant but they have a great wine list with a focus on natural, organic wines.

2.     Bakken

Trendy dive bar in the meat packing district. Good spot to go for live music and dancing after dinner. 

3.     Café Og

Cocktail bar in the foyer of the Royal Danish Playhouse. Wraparound floor to ceiling windows offer a beautiful view of the harbor.

4.     Mikkeller Bar

Great brewery and bar that is one of the best options for craft beer in town. Also make sure to check out their sister establishment Mikeller & Friends, a intimate pub with functionalist Scandinavian design.

5.     Jolene

Another trendy dive bar in the meatpacking district. As they say there, "We don't serve cocktails. At Jolenes, you drink your beer from the bottle. Period".


1.     Wood Wood

Cool boutique for Danish street style options. A lot of colorful basics with a funky twist.

2.     Samsoe Samsoe

Affordable and stylish Danish brand that is known for their modern take on Scandinavian fashion.

3.     Moss

Great chain that sells simple, stylish, and functional clothing at mid range prices.

4.     Tricotage

Known for their intricately printed fabrics, come here to grab a hip shirt dress or chunky knit sweater.

5.     Kyoto

Pricier boutique that carries some funky and chic brands. If you want a pair of unique and stylish sunglasses or trendy sneakers, this is the spot for you.

6. Stig P

A high-end fashion boutique for women. Shop the coolest styles from the newest collections, from both danish and international designers.

7. Acne Archive

If you are an Acne fan at all and are in Copenhagen, you have to stop by the Acne Archive, also known as the Acne "outlet". The store is very small but has some great, affordable finds.


1.      Airbnb in Vesterbro 

An adorable apartment in one of the trendiest areas in Copenhagen - we never wanted to leave! It is cozy, immaculately decorated, and has plenty of space for two.

2.     Babette Hotel

Great boutique hotel with a lot of charming nooks and crannies and wonderfully designed details.