The Adventure Begins: Big Changes At Restless and Roving / by Shane Henderson


It seems like not that long ago Anna and I were first talking about the idea of a long term trip, and the daunting task of saving up enough money to go. Now, almost two years later, we are just 24 hours away from leaving Texas and beginning our travels around the world. Crazy!!!

It’s been a jam-packed June! We have been busy selling our possessions, moving out of our house, and dealing with all the last minute logistics of preparing for the trip.  After a huge yard sale and then Craigslisting everything left over, we have spent the last two weeks living in a completely empty house, sleeping on an air mattress and eating our meals picnic-style on the floor.  Going from owning an entire house worth of furniture and years of collected crap, to just having the contents of a carry-on backpack and a few storage boxes to our name, has been a pretty liberating experience (although Anna has definitely not been as enthusiastic about it as I am). 

Some of you may remember that we aren’t technically departing for our first stop (Hawaii) until September, and are probably wondering where we will be until then. We are spending the next two months visiting family and friends here in the US, getting some quality time in with them before we leave. Between now and September we plan to hit up New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Wyoming, Oregon, and California! So basically, we are pre-gaming for our trip with a lot of travel.

Big Changes On The Blog

In anticipation of all our upcoming travel, we have decided to slightly change the format of Restless and Roving, and the direction of both the blog and the Instagram. Up until this point we have focused our content on the destinations and not necessarily our personal experiences there. Both the articles we write and the photos we post usually don’t feature much of us. Starting now, we are going to change that. We will definitely keep posting city guides on our blog, and landscape photos on our Instagram, but we are also going to be working in a lot more posts with stories and personal anecdotes from our travels, and Instagrams that show us in those places.  We want to make R&R more personal!  So like it or not, get ready to see a lot more photos of us in the near future.

Also, keep an eye out in the next couple weeks for a new Work With Us page on the site! We have worked as professional models, photographers, producers, and marketing managers for years and we are going to be taking our talents on the road, offering brand, travel, and lifestyle photography, as well as sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in working with us to create some exciting new content for your brand, you can reach out to us at

If you are new to R&R, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates on our trip. We are going to be stepping up our game and posting a lot more as we begin our travels so be sure to follow along!