7 Travel Blogs That Inspire Us / by Shane Henderson

Selling all of our things and travelling the world for a year was a very scary prospect when we first thought about it. To be honest, it's still pretty intimidating now! What made it easier was looking at all of the travel bloggers out there who are doing the same thing. Every problem we were worried about had already been encountered and written about extensively by someone else. We can find city guides, food guides, packing guides... all the information we could possibly need!

In our extensive hours of research, we came across a lot of different blogs each with its own strengths - some have great writing, some have incredible photos, some have beautiful web design, some have a wealth of helpful trip planning info. Our favourites though, usually have a combination of everything. Here, in no particular order, are some of the blogs that have helped and inspired us throughout our trip planning process.

Lenses & Locals
Ayesha and Gavin are an Australian couple in their late twenties who recently spent 15 months traveling all over Australia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Now they've settled down in Hội An, Vietnam, although they still travel frequently. Their photography is gorgeous and although they don't post on the blog as much as they used to, they still have some great content on there. One of our favorites is their guide to travel photography.
Website: www.lensesandlocals.com
Instagram: @lensesandlocals


Our Travel Passport
Ryan and Sam describe themselves as eternal honeymooners which, judging by their blog and Instagram, definitely seems to be the case! They travel constantly and share great content on their bright, image-filled blog. We especially love their drone photography, the minimal aerial shots in their print shop are so cool. 
Website: www.ourtravelpassport.com
Instagram: @ourtravelpassport


This Is The Place I Was Telling You About
R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd, two Texans living in NYC, curate an awesome food and drink focused travel blog. They post a lot of photos of beautiful restaurant interiors and the tasty food they are eating. We like that they have a section on their blog just for coffee recommendations.
Website: www.thisistheplaceiwastellingyouabout.com
Instagram: @theplaceiwastellingyouabout


Leigh and Eloise have created a travel blog with a totally different angle than most of the blogs out there. They share stories of the locals in the places they are visiting! They post about craftsman, chefs, artists, etc, telling their stories and taking great portraits to go with them. It's refreshing to read a travel blog that isn't made up of city guides and travel tips, very inspiring!
Website: www.strangertalk.co
Instagram: @strangertalk


Miles & Miles
We were recently introduced to Sarah and Stefaans site and we were blown away. They are succesfully doing exactly what we want to do, working with big brands to shoot product and brand photography while they travel - #goals!! Along with their client work, they also post about their own travels, and the photography is always incredible.
Website: www.milesandmiles.com
Instagram: @sarahirenemurphy and @sdpnt


Never Ending Voyage
True to their blog name, Simon and Erin have been travelling the world with only a carry-on bag since 2010. That's a long time! Their wealth of experience living as digital nomads really comes through on the blog. They have helpful articles about everything from packing to finances and we found their writing to be a great resource while we were planning our own trip!
Website: www.neverendingvoyage.com
Instagram: @neverendingvoyage


Potato Chips Are Not Dinner
Paulina is a flight attendant and a foodie whose blog is all about what she eats on her travels. Her posts are well written and funny and she posts a combination of photography and drawings that she creates. The watercolour art of the food she eats is pretty awesome!
Website: www.potatochipsarenotdinner.com
Instragram: @potatochipsarenotdinner