Packing For A Round The World Trip: Anna's Guide / by Anna Terry

After much anticipation (since I have been putting it off for so long) and some coaxing from Shane, I present to you my around the world packing post! First things first, this whole packing for a year thing has been the bane of my existence (a little dramatic I know). It has been such a daunting task since I am a notorious over-packer. It could be just a weekend trip and I would bring a full suitcase full of options, only to end up wearing one outfit the whole time. But fitting the next year into a 45 L pack, where do you even begin? Luckily, so many female travel bloggers have already combatted this conundrum and were able to guide me to packing nirvana. 


The NOMATIC Travel Bag
Since Shane and I were set on only bringing one carry on bag EACH, I wanted a bag that was big enough to test the limits of what is considered a carry on. The Nomatic is a start up company that sells a functional travel bag that can easily change between being used as a duffel bag or backpack. With various pockets on the inside and outside of the bag for storage

Compression Bags
There is no way I would be able to fit all of my things into this 45 L back pack if I didn't have these compression bags. By separating my shirts into one, my pants/dresses into another, etc I have some sort of system of organization. Not to mention they are pretty easy to use. Just stuff, zip, and roll down to squeeze out the air. 


When I started researching "what to bring for a long term trip", most female travel bloggers were helpful in the gist of how many items to bring (ten shirts, two pairs of jeans, etc). But, when it came to style, they completely lost me. How do you pack for a trip that covers different countries at different times of the year??  Most female travel bloggers had invested in special travel clothing that were almost along the lines of cargo pants that zip off into shorts. I am no fashionista by any means, but I would like to look somewhat put together while I'm on the road (in my mind I am effortlessly chic, in reality people probably think otherwise haha). Further reading into their travels revealed that they ended up not wearing a lot of what they had purchased, instead they suggested that what you wear everyday is best. You're already comfortable in those items and when you do wear them out you just toss and go shopping for replacements. Voila! I have my answer! I have decided to bring what you would consider "non-traveling" clothes. My everyday wear with some specially purchased travel gear. Name of the game is layering and making sure that whatever I do bring can mix and match with other outfits. This definitely has taken some of the anxiety out of shopping for everything right now. I can buy things along the way, like warmer clothing for when we are in Japan and China (November/December).  So here you have it, a rough draft of what I am bringing, I shall keep everyone updated on what lasts and even better, my shopping adventures abroad :)

1 Sweat Shirt: Everlane The Slim Classic French Terry Crew
I love this company's minimalistic clothing line. Its the perfect sweatshirt to pair with any of the outfits I'm bringing with me. On top of that, they are a socially conscious company focusing on transparency on where the items are made.

1 Cardigan: Urban Outfitters BDG

2 Dresses: Everlane The Beach Tee Dress & The Double Lined Silk V-Neck Dress
Again, Everlane, you are the bomb. These two comfy dresses can be worn around everyday and can be wrinkle free after letting them hang. The black Double Lined Silk V-neck Dress can especially go from day to night and a even better has pockets!

4 Plain T-shirts: Zara, Gap, H&M, Target

2 Tank Tops: Target 

2 Dress Shirts: Zara Tank & June and Hudson Top

2 Long Sleeve Shirts: Vintage Havana & Target

2 Workout Tops: Outdoor Voices Athena Crop Top & Under Armor Tank
I am obsessed with the athletic clothing line from Outdoor Voices. Created for #doingthings, OV focuses on pieces that can be mixed and matched for any time of the year. I love the Athena top because I can run in it but also, it can be worn as an everyday top with a pair of jean shorts or skirt. Versatility!

2 Pairs of Leggings: Outdoor Voices Dipped Warm Up Leggings & Under Armor Leggings

2 Pairs of Pants: Zara Jeggings & Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Jeans

1 Pair of Jean Shorts: Madewell The Perfect Jean Short

1 Rain Jacket: Marmot PreClip Jacket
Love this rain jacket from Marmot. Had a test run with it when we were in Miami and it started to pour buckets on us. Very lightweight, easy to roll up, and keeps you nice and dry!

10 Pairs of Undies: Exofficio & Calvin Klein
So these panties seem to be every traveler's dream pair of briefs. Quick drying, comfortable, lightweight, and odor resistant, I bought a few in different styles.

4 Pairs of socks Puma's Low Cut & Keds No Show

2 Bras Victoria's Secret (1 nude, 1 grey)

1 Sports Bra Champion

1 Sticky Bra Kissbobo Women's Strapless Bra
I hate strapless bras. They always slide down and never really sit well. I have recently turned to sticky bras instead. With this brand I can wear them at least 50 times. They don't take up a lot of room and when they are no longer sticky I can toss and just order a new one from Amazon for about $10. 

2 Bathing Suites: 1 two piece & 1 one piece

1 Robe

1 Sleeping Set

3 Pairs of shoes
The dilemma with shoes is you want to bring a separate pair for every activity you might be doing. Wedges, sneakers, sandals, high heels, the list goes on and on. But in reality, this is just not possible with a 45 L bag. I narrowed it down to three pairs and they take up almost half the bag! So here it is: one pair you can do physical activities in (like hiking, running, jumping, etc), one pair for walking around town, and one sandal that can act as both casual walking/beach/dress up. Alot of pressure for just three pairs for shoes.


BKR Water Bottle
From hiking forests to dodging people on city streets, this water bottle has been my go to. Not exactly the lightest thing to carry, but I like it's design and it has definitely come in handy.


Travel Towel


Sea to Summit Day Pack
Handy when I need to bring a lot of things with me for day trips. Can easily ball up into it's own little carrying case.


Lumix Active Lifestyle Tough Digital Camera
Shane surprised me with this camera so I could capture our travels and probably because I cannot seem to work his camera for the life of me. Water proof, shock proof, and most importantly, easy to use

Hair Tools
A curling iron and straightener all in one??? Dream come true. The curl-tener (why aren't we calling it that??) gets pretty hot with a digital temp control (275 degrees to 425 degrees F) Perfect for all my hair needs. If only it was a liiitttle smaller in size, but the combo definitely takes up less space. 


I currently own a MacBook Pro that I have had for six years for work. Unfortunately the darn thing is too heavy to take with me on my journey. I am in the market for a lightweight device that I can work on for mostly writing, emails, some light picture editing, etc. Any suggestions?? I'm debating on getting the new iPad Pro. Would love to hear your suggestions below in the comment section :)

I plan on doing a separate post about my toiletries since I have had a few questions from readers about what kind of makeup I plan on bringing, face creams, etc. So stay tuned!